Olivia Grace Ward






Olivia Ward is a mother, a writer, and an abuse survivor. Although her abuse does not include bruises or broken bones, her spirit has been battered.


After her daughter’s spoke to her about inappropriate conduct and touching done by their step-father, Olivia took a deep breath, summoned all courage she could find, and contacted Child Protective Services. Through her actions, she is now under a ninety day investigation and family action plan to restore her family. During the course of action, she is being investigated for neglect – she knew her husband had charges against him over twenty years ago.


Olivia is highly grateful her children suffered no more than emotional pain and no physical damage was done, and realizes many are not that fortunate. She is reaching out to others with her story, hoping to stop abuse before it is too late. Her articles will incorporate subtle, quiet abuse, sexual abuse, harassment, date rate, physical abuse, threats, and emotional abuse. If you have any questions or would like to be interviewed (you may keep your identity hidden) feel free to email Olivia at oliviagraceward@gmail.com.

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