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Occupy This

I am proud of all of the “occupation” going on across the US.  I am grateful to be living in a time where people are starting to wake up and take control of our own lives.  I saw one sign that someone was holding that said “Money is imaginary.  People are real.”


Yes, we are real and it is well beyond the time for us to take our lives back from that 1% who owns and controls everything.  That 1% who the rest of us support and pay financial alms to in one form or another.


For years politicians have battled over the idea of whether or not the wealthy should pay taxes.  How ridiculous is that?  EVERYONE should pay taxes, not the the majority of us who are under a certain income!


So, occupy.  Support however you can whether it’s taking your money out of certain banks, shopping at local farms and merchants or cutting up credit cards and refusing to ever use them again.  Thank you for standing up and for being real!