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Native Wisdom About Women – by Wind Dancer

Contributed by Unole Galisgia McDaris

Photos by Brandy Dawn


Our often unrecognized, but powerful teachers are our Women. In order for men to learn a balanced way, we need to learn from our men elders and our women elders.  Learning from the women elders will teach us a whole different set of values and insights to life. When we have Life problems, we need to go to the Grandmothers to get their advice.

~<>~Grandmothers, teach me the values of the Great Mystery…~<>~


We must pay attention to the role of the Woman in the family. She is the Heartbeat of the Family. She should be Respected and Treated in a Sacred manner.  We should Listen to her Guidance. We should help make her role easier by helping with chores or just telling her how much we Appreciate her.

> ~<>~Creator, We ask you to Bless all the Moms…~<>~



The women bring us into this life and nurture us as we grow up. When we reach our manhood, she supports us and Sings the Songs to help the family grow. The Elders say we must look at the Woman in a Sacred Way. We must realize how special her powers are in bringing forth Life. The woman will bring Balance to a man. The woman will help him See. It is said, behind every Successful man is a Supporting woman. Maybe we should Examine how we are Thinking about Women.
The Great Spirit says we should honor them. Are we Respecting and Honoring our women today?.

 > ~<>~Creator, thank you for our Women. Today, let us Honor them…~<>~


The Elders say the Native American women will Lead the Healing among the Tribes. We need to especially pray for our women, and ask the Creator to bless them and give them strength. Inside them are the Powers of Love and Strength given by the Moon and the Earth. When everyone else gives up, it is the women who sings the songs of strength. She is the backbone of the people. So, to our women we say, Sing your Songs of strength; Pray for your special Powers; keep our People Strong; be Respectful, Gentle, and Modest..,~<>~

 ~<>~Creator, bless our women. Make them Strong today…~<>~


~<>~Whenever we make decisions, we need to look around to see who would be affected. If we change the course of a river, who, what will be affected?  If we put poison on the gardens, who, what will be affected? If wee cut the trees and too many are cut, who, what will be affected? We need to become aware of the consequences of our actions. We need to pay attention to our thoughts. We are accountable to our children to leave the Earth in good shape…~<>~

Unole, also known as Wind Dancer, is a Native Woman of Cherokee heritage.   She is a wife, mother, grandmother and godmother.  In addition to putting together educational programs for children, she is a Dancer, Silversmith, does Web Design and crafts.  She is also a published poet and has poems in two books: In Diamonds and Rust of the International Library of Poetry and Eternal Heartland: Interstate 20 published by Eber & Wein Publishing.

Visit her at

Unole lives in Tennessee with her husband, son and two wolves that she raised from babies.