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Myza Rosalinda – The Love of Music

Are you in the game or just a spectator?  We do not have to stay where we are in life.  We can choose to enhance ourselves by learning how to do something new.


Most of us love music.  But, how many of us choose to actively participate in it?  How many of us make the effort to go beyond the easy part of singing along to learning how to play an instrument?


Myza Rosalinda’s great love of music drove her to be a part of it.  She learned how to play the guitar, not because she wants to be a “star,” but because she likes it.  Being able to play music has enhanced her life.



Myza, how long have you been playing guitar?
Ten years.


How did you learn?  Did you take classes or work with a teacher?

No, I taught myself.


Why did you choose to learn how to play at this point in your life?
My age doesn’t matter; time doesn’t matter.  I simply love the sound of the guitar and wanted to be able to create that sound for myself.


What do you do with this talent and skill that you developed?  Are you playing in clubs or seeking to be part of a band?
No, I just play at home.  I am having fun with this instrument and all the things I have learned and am learning how to do with it.  I suppose eventually it would be nice to play out or to play with a band, but I still need to learn a lot more.
Myza with her son and little cousin.

You have a young one at home.  Is he learning how to play also?

My son loves it when I play guitar, but he is still a little too young to learn…


Who inspires you musically?
I would have to say Bob Marley.  When I heard his music, I was inspired to learn how to play.  He’s my favorite artist.  But, music is universal.  I love all kinds of genres.

You also sing.  Did you take lessons or just start singing?

No, I have never taken any lessons.  I just sing!


Have you written any original music and if so, do you plan to market it and make it available for people to buy?

Yes… I have three songs that I wrote by myself.  I think it’s still a little to early to promote my music.  I feel I need to learn more!   LOL!


Myza lives in Spain with her son.


So, there it is ladies.  Pursue that hidden dream to learn how to play the piano, the cello, the sax…!!  Express yourself.