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My Goal is to be A Constant In the Entertainment Business – Gwen Foxx

323348_2416228853782_895701920_oTell us who Gwen Foxx is.  Describe yourself.

I am a mother of a beautiful daughter who attends  school at Clark Atlanta University and is studying Criminal Justice.

I am a vocalist, actress, writer,  producer, model.

I am the Senior Vice President of The Detroit Metro Area & Entertainers Association where our mission is to support and meet the special needs of musicians and entertainers. “Artist in support of other artists”.

I am the Performing Arts Coordinator and Drama II Instructor at Oakland University “Project UpwardBound” College Prep.

I am a certified Direct Care Worker a field that continuously reminds me to stay humble.

I am thankful and grateful to God for my many gifts!


When did you know you had the voice that you had?

My church choir was my first and true inspiration! Some years later friends convinced me to sing in the school talent show and the response from my peers was so positive I continued to sing and the rest is history!


What happened after you recognized or realized you had a voice and you wanted to sing?

My family has always and even to this day been my biggest supporters! So my Dad recorded my first record “Oceans of Love” produced by Gino Washington, the uncle of Keith Washington. I met my husband Greg Dokes, pianist and music director extraordinaire, and we formed the group back2back. We toured doing theater and concerts. Though now deceased, the Great Greg Dokes’ legacy lives on.


What do you want to accomplish musically in your life?  What are your goals?

I want to write a song that will become a classic! The goal is that the song be appreciated by generation after generation and for generations to come.


And Detroit seems to be a place bursting with talent.  What kind of venues are there for Detroit musicians?  Are there many?

Detroit hosts music in arenas, night clubs, restaurant’s, festivals and parades for every genre! There is even a music “Winter Blast” concert series!! Detroit will always, arguably so, be the music capital of the world!

What kinds of things have you done musically and what things would you like to do?

I’ve toured extensively with wonderful artists and musicians and I would love to continue and just keep delivering good music to the world!


Have you done any original music?  If not, do you have plans to do some?

I recorded my first CD entitled “Quiet Storm” title cut produced by Kern Brantly bassist for Lady GAGA, which landed me national tour opportunities! I am currently collaborating with great producers for my next project to be released in the fall of 2014!


Where are you working toward being in 10 years? 

Becoming a constant in the entertainment business and have built a legacy that will live in the hearts of music lovers forever.


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