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My Business Trip to Chicago



I recently took a trip to great old Chicago.  Among all the blah, blah, blah during the meetings all I could think about was getting a deep tissue massage which was going to be my reward after the very last meeting of the day.  Other people wanted to connect further and go get a drink and food, but that was furthest thing on my mind. I needed to spend some time with myself in a relaxing environment and so I did.

It’s been a long run for me.  Though most of my work is play, lately there’s been just too much work added into the play.  But, that’s a mindset and one that I don’t have to confront as much as I used to, but from time to time, I deal with it and have to correct myself.  I love what I do.  I love the way that I spend my time, I just wish I had more time!

This trip to Chicago was important and many things were resolved and put into place.  However, the most important thing that was resolved for me was some much needed relaxation.

So remember, ladies, take some time out for you.  YOU TIME!  It’s go time for you time anytime you feel you need it.  If you can’t get away here are a few ideas that cost next to nothing except a bit of your precious time:


tomaca-relaxtake a walk

sit outside in the beautiful sun at lunch time

go for a drive along a nice, scenic route

lock yourself in the bathroom and take a long, hot bath

nature rejuvenates – take a walk in the park or in the woods (just be safe – don’t go into isolated areas!)

sit around and watch the geese

is there a horse farm around?  – go and hang out for a while

volunteer to help out at an animal shelter – (they usually don’t like one-time deals, but ask anyway)

go visit a farm

go pick vegetables or fruit at your local farm when the season hits

go indoor wall climbing

hook up with some other ladies or the girls in the neighborhood and jump rope!!

look in the mirror, hug yourself and tell you that you love you!  (this should actually be done daily)

I like to occasionally take myself to lunch – go to a nice restaurant late and just hang out with myself writing notes and getting this organized.

go out dancing with your girlfriends – or better yet – invite them over and blast the music!

do a drop-in on a dance class and express yourself

just get loose and get funky

play dress up and get yourself all dolled up and take your picture

pretend you are being interviewed and sit and answer questions that you ask of yourself (might be some revealing things that come out about you!)



If you have your own favorite things to do, please share!