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Mothers Are Special


Who is more special than your Mom?

Like Bill Cosby said – a father spends years with his son throwing a football, teaching him how to play basketball and then he enters the pro ranks, gets on television and the first thing he says is “Hi Mom!”




Good Mothers are something special, almost sacred.   When no one else in the world is there for you, a wonderful Mom is.

Many prisoners have lamented about how over the years all of their friends slowly fall away.  The visits stop, the letters become nonexistent, but for those of them who have those great Moms, they know come visit day she’s going to be there.  Fully equipped with a hugs and a smile, she makes them feel alive again.


mombabyThen there’s the Mom who doesn’t have a lot of money and can’t afford to buy a lot of food, so she doesn’t eat but makes sure her children are fed.


Throughout all of time, there are Mothers who would willingly sacrifice their life to save that of their child and many have actually done so.

Our children may take us for granted when they are teenagers and even up through their 20’s.  But, at some point they come around to seeing us for who we are.

Women can be so beautiful.  Mothers can be so special and to a child’s mind, “Mother is God.”


If you have one of those super-special moms, remember her with a  mothers rings, or a note, a letter, a card, a hello, a hug, a kiss, all just because she’s Mom.