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Mom Has Homework

Submitted by Delicia Watson, Massachusetts

Going to school has been very challenging for me.  I am 42 and have three teenagers at home.  I also work full-time.  I am doing this for a couple of different reasons.  One, is that I always wanted to go to college but just never did.  I started working and just kept working.  The second is to inspire my children so that they will also strive for their own goals, especially when it comes to getting an education.

There are days when I am a little short with them and I would like to do a better job of catching myself before I start snapping at everyone.  My husband is great and picks up the slack a little bit when I get snappy.  He compassionately reminds me or points out when I need to back up a little bit or ease it down and tells the kids – “Mom has homework and she’s a little edgy.”

Then the whole environment lightens up and the kids play it off and say things to me like, “Yeah mom, I had to study really hard for my history exam!”

My family’s been great and I am honored to have the privilege to do this.

My husband has an engineering degree.  He was smart and did the whole college thing right after high school.  His support of me is amazing.  Working, going to school and co-managing a household has been a challenge.  But, I am determined to be fifty years old with a degree … even if no one hires me after all of my hard work because of my age!  :  )

I admit that occasionally I use the service of a company who can write my paper cheap.  I don’t think it’s cheating at all because I do know all of the content and understand everything.  It’s just that time – that old man time – is always on my back and I need to keep up with everything.

All in all it’s been a wonderful, fulfilling experience and I am blessed to be able to do this.  Women Move the Soul, I know you are all about inspiration and I hope my little story has inspired someone else like me to take the challenge and get their degree.  There is nothing like an education that gives you a further understanding of the things in our lives in terms of history, economics, etc.  And there is nothing like college training that really teaches you to open up your mind and to think more clearly.