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Men’s Shaving Tips

Ladies, here are some great tips for your man!


Ever since the ancient Egyptians become the first people to make shaving a standard cultural practice, men have spent about 3,000 hours of their lives dedicated to shaving. Three-fourths of adult men shave their face every day, and yet, many men are still unaware of the best shaving practices. Here’s how to make your shaving experience smoother.

Start by gathering the products you’ll need for a close shave. Exfoliate twice a week before shaving to avoid razor burn, and avoid aftershaves with too much alcohol (which dries skin). Dab at nicks with a styptic pencil or alum block, or even lip balm! Out of shaving cream? Olive oil and hair conditioner can work well in a pinch, and when you do buy new shaving cream, look for one with a high concentration of lubricants and moisturizers to protect your skin. If you’re thinking about growing your beard out, a stiff-bristled boar’s hair brush cuts down on itchiness.

Next, get your razor in peak condition. If you’re looking for a low-cost razor, safety razors give you the closest possible shave at the best value, or you could subscribe to a mail-order razor service. Clean your razor safely by using a small brush or a faucet with high water pressure, and store your razor somewhere it can completely dry (use a few drops of an anti-corrosive agent to keep the blade sharp). If you have a dull blade, swipe it upward along the leg of an old pair of jeans up to 100 times to sharpen it, with the sharp end of the blades facing away.

Finally, shave smartly. Shave after showering so that your hair is softened, and shave with the grain of your facial hair to avoid skin irritation. Shave your neck by leaning forward and tilting your head back slightly to flatten the area. Finish by splashing your face with cold water (not hot) after shaving to avoid irritation.