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Men Who Have Our Backs



Men Against Prostitution and Trafficking


These are our daughters, sisters, and mothers. They are not commodities. They are not slaves. It’s time we learn the truth about who these victims are and give them the help they need. They are not playthings. They are human beings. We must be responsible and give them the life and dignity they deserve.

Let’s be clear, we – men – are the main problem when it comes to acts of commercial sexual exploitation. For the most part, we cause the problems of prostitution and human trafficking. Men create the increasing demand around the world, which has lead to the explosion of modern-day slavery we see today.

And because we are the source of the problem, we must be on the front lines of providing the solution. This is a fight that good and decent men must take up and lead. We must stand together, shoulder-to-shoulder, and hold each other accountable. As men, we must not tolerate these abuses by other men perpetrated on innocent victims.

Men Against Prostitution and Human Trafficking (MENAPAT) is an Independent Expenditure-Only Political Action Committee (PAC) registered with the United States Federal Election Commission. But more than that, MENAPAT is a growing network of men who refuse to allow these crimes to continue.

This is a place where we can share ideas, news, events, and victories as we initiate a cultural shift that will no longer look upon the exploitation of women and girls as acceptable. They are victims. They need our help.

The first thing we can do is stop making more victims by sharing the truth about prostitution and human trafficking. Get on board now by scheduling a presentation to your organization or church, signing up for our Newsletter, reading our blog, and following us on Twitter and Facebook. This will allow our network to become the first, best resource for men who are fed up with other men who get away with these crimes.

You can also give your support to the Worthy Organizations we’ve selected. We’ve been very careful about selecting this list of groups who work with victims. They are the “best of the best” and deserve your help.

Don’t wait another minute. We need men with enough courage, integrity, and compassion to make a difference in this world. Let us know if you are one of them. With all of us joining together, this will be the strongest place to meet for men who want to save the victims and give them a better life.

MENAPAT is fighting child pornography on facebook.  The information is here:
Posted with the permission of Raymond Bechard, Author & Human Rights Advocate