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Male or Female Doctor? Find the Best Doctor for You


Submitted by Annette Hazard


Finding the right doctor can be a frustrating and challenging venture. As a woman, you might be wondering whether to choose a male or female doctor and what to even look for when you are searching for one. In order to get the best care possible, you need to feel completely comfortable with the doctor you’re going to. If you do not feel comfortable, you are bound to keep things to yourself and to not discuss major health issues or problems that you have been having because you are either embarrassed or nervous.


If you are a woman who is looking for a doctor, whether it be a dentist or a general practitioner of medicine, you need to decide who you would feel more comfortable with. If you are going to your doctor and will be discussing personal medical problems you’re having, think about the possibility of talking to a man about these issues. Female doctors can often be more understanding of certain problems you’re having as a woman because first, they are women and secondly, they may have dealt some of the  same issues you are experiencing.  Male doctors sometimes do not know what their female patients are going through because they cannot directly relate.  They have to rely on their knowledge of medicine, the knowledge of their colleagues and experiences with other patients.



As stated before, you also need to feel completely comfortable with the doctor. You might decide that a female doctor is right for you and then you go to the office and do not feel comfortable in the slightest while being examined. The personality of the doctor is a lot more important than the gender of the doctor you are going to see. You should feel comfortable with the doctor so that you are able to open up about certain problems you’re having without feeling nervous or ashamed in the slightest.


Your Personal Life Issues

A good doctor is going to help you deal with more than your physical health.  He or she will also ask about your life style and life issues.  How much stress you are under is always a critical factor in evaluating and treating health concerns.  Emotional stress is a contributing factor to dis-ease in the body.  Overuse of any drugs, including alcohol or cigarettes, needs to be addressed and talked about.  Stressful home and/or work situations must be addressed if being healthy is a goal.  Not that your doctor can “fix” those things for you, but if they you make them aware of such things, they can make referrals for you.

Seeing a a physician who stops and takes the time to ask these important questions and then incorporates those things into your personal assessment is important.   They can direct you to other facilities and doctors for stress and emotional related issues, if that’s something you need.

Who Will You Choose?

Whether you’re looking for the best birmingham dentists or you need a gynecologist for women’s health issues, the doctor you choose is an important and vital decision. Many women will only go to female doctors because of that compassionate and understanding value they have. Other women tend to like going to male doctors because of other factors that come into play. Just remember to find a doctor you feel completely comfortable with and who also has a lot of knowledge of medicine and health. Just because you only want to see a female doctor does not mean there are no male doctors out there who would be perfect for you and your health issues.


Author Bio: Annette Hazard is a freelance blogger that writes about home and family.