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Make Your Office Move A Nice Experience




Guest post by Izzy Smith

Moving your office is of course refreshing and exciting to everyone involved. But there is a lot of planning for you to do so here are some easy steps to make your office move a fun experience.

You will need to have one thing in mind while moving your office – that is planning. This will make everything hassle-free and you will save yourself and everyone else from a stressful aura in the office. Here are some useful tips for you and your co-workers to think about.

It is always good to be out on time so at least a six months head start before moving date is necessary. This is not a house moving where you expect yourself to climb over boxes for a few weeks before you are settled. It would not work in an office, since during these weeks the employees will need a calm and still working area for as long as possible, so it is important that things go smoothly for everyone’s sake.

During these months you should go through all necessaries like building up a team to help you plan the move and let the rest of your employees keep working. This way you still have the wheel running, plus you won’t have to deal with the move yourself.  Also this would be a fun project that might bring some of the staff closer together. When a team is set, start overseeing your budget, and try not to be too careful here. It is better to invest in a good and reliable removal firm that will make sure that the move goes by safe, quick and organized. Doing everything yourself will only take longer and obviously make the business lose more money since more time and people have to be involved. Also researching removal companies who should pay a visit both to your old and new office to get an idea of how to plan the move. Also make sure that they are reliable by looking at references and free quotes. Many moving companies are willing to work on weekends to make the move as smooth for you as possible so that one work day doesn’t go to waste. Make sure that your employees are well informed on what is going on. The last thing we need is another stress factor running around the corridors. Speaking of stress, wouldn’t it be just perfect if the move caused damage to the computer files and erased data from the disks? It has happened. So make sure you safely save all files and information before moving day.

About one month before moving the office you should make sure that all the corridors are free from junk, let your customers know that you are moving your office and send them your new address and let your employees see the new surroundings so that they easily can get started once moved. Also, it is important that you have planned out each room in the new office so that you can clearly label each box or item so that the movers will know what is going to each room. In that way you do not end up with miscellaneous boxes stuffed in the lunch room.  Also now is time for your employees to start thinking of packing together their belongings. ­

Now it is time to move. The day has arrived and hopefully all the planning has paid off. It is Saturday (if not, maybe you should consider giving your employees one or a half a day off to make sure they’re not in the way and make sure they all have the new address) and the time has come. Those of you who are present, try and let the movers do what they do best and let yourself just be a necessary guide. If you have everything planned, everything will go by smoothly and before you know it, you and your staff will stand in your new office with a glass of champagne in your hand, celebrating.



Izzy Smith is a working mom, who loves to take care of her house, kids and really enjoys challenges of life.