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Looking Gorgeous! 5 Jaw-Dropping Fashion Ideas for Winter

Looking Gorgeous 5 Jaw-Dropping Fashion Ideas for Winter

If you’re mourning the loss of your sundresses, tank tops, and sandals, that means it’s time for you to spice up your winter wardrobe. Even if you loathe the winter months, you might find yourself liking them a bit more with a fashionable cold weather wardrobe.

Casual for Cool Days

Your winter wardrobe doesn’t have to consist of giant coats and your sagging Ugg boots. Unless you live in the very far north, it’s likely you’ll have plenty of winter days that are cold but not freezing. Start with dark washed jeggings that give you the comfort of leggings with the tailored look of jeans. Top your jeggings with a flowy polyester-blend sweater. Put away your puffy down jacket for the day and finish your look with a tweed jacket or a colorful pea coat. Add a little extra warmth with a cute hat and an infinity scarf.

Winter Lodge Look

Longing for the ski lodge but don’t have the time to head into the mountains? Wear your favorite button-up flannel shirt and top it with a chunky sweater that lets the sleeves and hem of your flannel peak out. Shimmy into your favorite skinny jeans and ankle boots for a look you can wear from the movies to a date on the couch.

Channel Audrey Hepburn

Don’t let anyone tell you wearing all black is out of style. Wearing your favorite black leggings or jeggings, top it with a sweater cape. A cross between a chunky sweater and a boho poncho, a cape keeps you warm without making you look shapeless. Wear some knee high boots or your favorite wedge booties for an ultra-sophisticated look.

Exchange Your Sundresses for a Wool Dress

You can find adorable wool-blend dresses that will keep you warm and let you feel feminine and flirty. Choose an A-line cut that is tailored at the waist but flows from the hips down. Keep your legs warm with cable knit tights and your favorite boots you got using Kohls promo codes, then top the outfit with an oversized scarf and a brightly colored bag.

Feel Sexy

It’s possible to dress a bit sexy this winter! Find a slinky, fitted wool skirt and top it with a blouse and a cropped jacket. Worried about your legs being cold? Wear black tights and thigh-high boots for a look that’s functional and oh-so-sultry.

Updating your cold weather gear will help get you through the dreary, wet days of winter. Whether its sweaters, tights, or a variety of boots that brighten your day, feeling good will make these months go by like lightning.