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Lois Pope and the Road Less Traveled

If you had every door in the world open for you, what dreams would you chase? Most of us immediately start thinking about building mansions and traveling around the world, but most of us aren’t Lois Pope. The widow of “National Enquirer” titan Generoso Pope could live extravagantly and chase her every whim. Instead, she has quietly worked to better the lives of children, vets and the disadvantaged all over the world. Mrs. Pope’s philanthropic efforts are inspiration to learn, get involved and help better the world around us.

Toni Holt Kramer and Lois Pope

Photo of Lois Pope (right) by State Farm via Flickr

U.S. Veterans: Mrs. Pope co-founded Leaders in Furthering Education (LIFE), which is a large organization that spearheads numerous charitable endeavors, mostly for U.S. veterans. She lobbied for a memorial to be built in their honor in Washington D.C., and she has personally donated more than $9 million dollars to their health and wellness.

The Arts: Mrs. Pope sits on the board of the Palm Beach Opera, the Armory Arts Center and Florida Atlantic University. She is passionate about preserving culture and legacy for generations to come.

Around the World: Mrs. Pope is very blessed, and she knows it, which is why those who aren’t are of such high concern. She has donated over $300,000 to the Genocide Response Team and started a clean water project in Guatemala. Pope’s efforts have touched countless children, veterans and animals worldwide. When she’s not single handedly helping save the world, you might find her training and competing in the New York Marathon, five times. Hats off to Lois Pope, a woman worth celebrating.



Submitted by Lucy Kim

Lucy is a mom and avid environmentalist who runs a social media company from her home.