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Learn Something New

Hey Ladies, me again talking about making music.  I can’t help it.  I’m on this journey of musical discovery.  It is awakening things inside of me that I did not know were there.  I am understanding the layout of the piano a little more in terms of where the keys are with certain tones.  I am finding my way through a little better.  Reading music hasn’t gotten much easier, but I am looking forward to when it does and I know if I keep at it, it will.  Creating or building anything takes time.  No matter how much we would like to have a magic wand, it’s not there.  We will gain these things and learn these things if we continue our pursuit of them.


Use your precious time wisely.  Rest when you should rest, work when you should work and make sure you set aside time for yourself to learn new things!


For my musicians out there, remember there’s tons of places you can buy equipment.   But, just like in life, you’ve got to have connections!  For equipment try great rca to xlr at musician’s friend.