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Kirema Musa – Revivor of Humanity – Awakening Prisoners

You also do workshops with prisoners.  What kind of workshops do you do
and what kind of impact is created from that?

I have held poetry workshops-they have to express themselves through poems. Normally the poems open up real discussions that are normally suppressed, because of fear of embarrassment, etc. They create trails of poems and we as a group visit the writings. Before you know it, everyone is conversing more openly about their journey. I have been told it’s therapy, it’s helping them face parts of themselves and things that have happened in their lives that they feared to ever recall.


Is there funding for people like you who offer the services that you  do?  And if there isn’t should there be?

I’ve heard there is funding, then I’ve been told there is not funding. I have been doing this work since-2002 and will continue, regardless, because it’s one of my loves to see another soul really get it, and travel, knowing their worth and more. This has been a reward to me. I don’t stress about the rest, if the door opens I am there. I think there should be funding for this type of work. It’s helping part of the rehabilitating process.


 How did you get the title “Revivor of Humanity?”

I was told to get feedback from the individuals I had serviced. I received many letters and this one particular letter made me cry to the point that I had to return to reading it a few more times because the words-just were to hard to connect with. I could not embrace what this person had to say about me…ending with…(REVIVOR OF HUMANITY)

I felt this is the title the Universe wanted me to have summing up all the feedback. So I walk, humbly-as the vehicle for the Universe in this manner.


Where is Kirema Musa, Revivor of Humanity in five years?  What are your

In five years. I see me as a paid, speaker full time- in colleges, schools and more. I want to really help change the world, through the channels of thinking. I also want to be part of a theatre movement.


Given that you raise the vibrations or enlighten the spirits and hearts of people who are in prison for whatever reasons, how could or should people on the outside help you to help them?

Wow, I really do not feel I have the right to direct anyone to help me. I wish to make this as a full time job. If there is anyone in this world able to assist me with making it come true I would be forever grateful and appreciative of the blessing. Dearly.

Thank you…


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