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Kirema Musa – Revivor of Humanity – Awakening Prisoners

When Kirema Musa speaks, lives change.  This is a woman who not just speaks to inmates in our prisons, but changes their lives from the inside out.  Prison life is tough on many levels.  The higher the security level of the facility, the more challenging it is for inmates to survive and to function as human beings because the inside of these  facilities are run by the inmates at the most primitive levels where survival of the fittest is everything.  Kirema Musa has proven that this can change by the impact that she has had on many men in these facilities.  She has the gifted ability to touch people’s souls at the deepest level and to reawaken them to their own forgotten humanity even when they are in the most dismal stages of life.





Why do you speak at prisons and what is the focus of your conversations?

Thank you for this opportunity.

It’s not just at the prisons, but, that’s where the majority of my work has been done.

I am spiritually attracted to the platform of speaking as a whole and in a manner that deems, true listening ears-the prisons were the first stop, and on my voyage in a (vision) I can remember back many, many years ago. My conversations are about reconnecting with the inner voice. I speak as guided, truly I cannot say to you, it is me, because the “Universe” takes over completely, the experience is overwhelmingly beautiful! My intentions however, are always to go back and research the pain, anger and more that has caused the behaviors that stem from many instances, like abuse, abandonment, etc. I usually will be given a subject to address- I then surrender and travel from there with topic in mind and aim for truth, healing and closure.


Do you speak at women’s, men’s, juvenile facilities, all three or just
certain ones?

I have spoken to children, women and men. I am available to speak to all.

You seem to have the ability to really get inside of people and create new awareness within them.  How are you able to do that?

I have been given a gift to connect with the souls energy in various ways, like speaking with them, reading material by them, hearing their voice….guided as needed spiritually and the more I let go, the more the “Universe- is able to speak through me and really connect. This has been some of the feedback.
Why is your choice spoken word or poetry versus more like a speech?

I love spoken word. To me spoken word has the ability to capture the attention of those before me. It captures emotions that are wandering and grounds them in a safe manner. I however, do give direct speeches I’ve been told that the form of my speeches, sound very poetic as the words flow. Humbly, I thank all for the blessing to be a voice to do so.

This is probably a question that generates a really long answer, but what kind of changes need to take place in the prisons with how prisoners are treated?  Is that something you can answer?

In my opinion- the prison system, would do wonderful by implementing more programs designed specifically to assist with the rehabilitating the inmates. Many require multiple styles of treatment. This should be looked at much closer in each facility and carried out in a manner that will be more effective. It has been my experience in working in the prisons, with various individuals if you just listen and be patient, you will succeed in making a break through. It will not happen over night. Yes tears will visit your soul, but the ending results are more than beautiful. I have witnessed this-with someone doing a year, to someone doing life. It’s just beautiful to connect with a soul and allow their voice to be heard. They are “Human” and that is my approach, always. The reason they reside there is between God and them.