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Keeping Alcohol Away from Little Ones In Your Home



When my family visited Jamaica, we rented a “cottage suite” for myself, my husband and our two young children.  Though not an actual cottage, the accommodations were very nice.  We had our own private little bungalow with a very large room with a television, bunk beds and a full size bed.  We also had a large double bathroom and cooking area.  Also in our room was a small refrigerator that was loaded with alcohol!  Free alcohol was part of the accommodations.  Though my husband and indulge lightly in alcohol from time to time, we did not want the worry of curiosity by the kids when we were sleeping.  So  we immediately called the front desk and had them come and remove all of the alcohol.

My children know about alcohol, but have never had any.  Because they are so young (pre-teens), they are always supervised by adults, even if visiting friends or relatives without us.

We’ve had a number of discussions with them about alcohol and drugs and try to make sure they are well informed.  At home, we picked up the best marshall amplifier refrigerator at musicians friend, where we store our own private alcohol in our bedroom.  A small fridge makes all the difference in the world to us because we don’t have to store our beer or wine in the kitchen refrigerator.

Our children understand that alcohol is a drink for adults and they stay away from it.  We ask that anyone they visit not keep alcohol in their refrigerators and everyone has been cooperative.  Our friends actually like the idea of keeping a small fridge in their bedroom for these kinds of beverages.  Of course, you can get all kinds of stylish ones to dress up or add to your decor.  Ours certainly does!

I am curious as to what Women Move the Soul readers think about this idea!


Submitted by Marlene Willow, Nebraska, USA

Marlene is a mother of two, homemaker and avid PTA volunteer doing her best to make sure her children’s schools are on point with training and education and improving parent involvement.