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How Well Is Your Kitchen Organized?




Kitchens can be incredibly functional or incredibly disorganized.  What’s yours like?

Small kitchens are really a challenge because it seems like you don’t have room for everything and the cabinets can be full and overflowing.  If that’s the case, then the first step is to go through everything and take away the things that you don’t need.  For instance, the fancy dinnerware and serving dishes can be put in a box and stored in your basement until those special occasions.


How many plates do you really need to keep in the cabinet?  If you have children, usually the more plates and silverware available to be used, the more dirty dishes you’ll have hanging around.  Keep it to a minimum – four people – four plates, four glasses, etc.  Pack up the extras and store them elsewhere.

Plastic containers everywhere?  How well do they stack together?  What about the lids?  Are they falling all over the place?  Again, how much do you really need to have on hand?  Pack some of it away and get a lid holder that can be hung inside the door or placed neatly on the shelf to hold them.

Do you have pots and pans that you don’t use?  Same principle applies – pack some of them up or better yet, donate them to goodwill or the Salvation Army.  Once you decide which ones you absolutely need, then maybe you want to get a pot & pan organizer for your cabinet.

Once you’ve gone through everything and packed some things away.  After a few months, go and look at those items again.  Do you really need them?  Can you donate them or give them to friends and family?  Think about it.  Did you really miss using certain things?  If not, then it says that you really don’t need them.  You can keep your kitchen clutter free and organized without a lot of extra stuff hanging around.  Good luck!