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How to Get in Shape after Pregnancy



When the entire thrill about the new baby has passed and the initial shock and awe is gone, you realize that you are now a loving mother and your life has improved and changed significantly. However, you also realize that your body has changed as well. Nobody is slim and fit after pregnancy, and nobody expects you to be, but it is nice to make the change as little as possible and to try and get back to being your fit self. Here are some ideas about how to achieve that in a healthy way, without any harm to you and the baby.


First of all it seems that having a fit body soon after pregnancy begins even before the childbirth. While you are still carrying that bundle of love inside you, you should never try and cut back on meals or reducing your calories below what your doctor said. You are not only cutting back on yourself but also on your baby. However, try to hold reigns on those cravings for sweet food and the like. Don’t cut back, but take only what you need. It will ease the process afterwards.


Don’t even think about trying any of the diets before you hit the sixth week after your childbirth. You will need around 2000 kcal a day to be a healthy mom. The precise number will be given to you by your doctor if you ask them. However, you might consider breastfeeding as a really good option. The math behind this activity is as follows: You burn 600-700 kcal by breastfeeding while you will need to take in about 500 kcal extra by day. This means that you will be losing weight and getting some quality time with your kid by breastfeeding him.pregnancy-exercise


Don’t overdo it, especially if you had difficult delivery or a C section. Naturally, your first step is to ask your doctor what you can or cannot do. However, the first thing you can do to shed some weight is to take your kid for a walk. Walk and push that stroller and if you make just a bit faster pace with it, you will burn around 150 kcal in 30 minutes. Of course, if you can, the best thing is to find a personal trainer that has a certificate in postnatal exercise.


Skin Care

Let’s say that everything is going according to plan and you are slowly shedding that weight. Your skin needs attention as well, as all those changes are affecting its tightness. Consider using some of the skin tightening products to make it nice and tight and to avoid those pesky stretch marks.

Dieting, breastfeeding and active post-natal life are keys to a great body if you are keeping it in the right pace and consulting with your doctor. However, don’t compare yourself with celebrity mothers because their lifestyle is nothing that you would like for yourself and your baby.


Sophie Andersen is a beauty blogger from Perth. Sophie is a contributor for several health and beauty blogs. Sophie enjoys writing and sharing her experience. Follow her at @andersen_sophie.