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How to Deal With Attic Pests and Invaders


Ladies, we have to take care of the kids, our men and the home.  Our work list is an endless one.  Here is some practical advice on home care – which we will be offering more of in the future!


Pests are a homeowner’s greatest nightmare and when it comes to attics, it seems that the problems never seem to end. As attractive as it may seem to create a small, secluded corner for yourself in your attic, there are a few things you should consider before you do so. Most attics are made from wood, and as a result they are sensitive to moisture, mold and pests like termites. Unwanted attic guests are actually so hard to get rid of, that you might end up spending more to do this than to renovate the place if you aren’t paying attention. Fortunately, you don’t have to panic because there are many ways of dealing with these pesky critters, and as long as you take precautionary methods, you will be okay.

1.      Identify the Enemy

The first rule of war is to know thy enemy, and this also applies to unwanted home invaders. It is not only termites or bugs that can nest in your attic, but also small animals like bats or rats. They are extremely dangerous, because besides the diseases that they carry, they also chew through electrical wires, and destroy insulation. In order to save your “fortress” you must know what you are dealing with. Identify the type of invader that is destroying your home, and then use a trap to kill it.

But how exactly do you identify it? If I were you I wouldn’t go snooping around with a flashlight in search of diseased animals, so if you get the chance to see it from afar, make sure you manage to at least narrow down your searches. Conduct research related to their shape, size and pattern. For example, mice are 1/8 inches long and pellet shaped. Rats are shorter and fatter, while raccoons are, well, very hard to confuse.

2.      Prepare for Battle

Although it is advised to hire an exterminator, you can also try to fix things on your own. If you decide to do so, make sure to follow the Centers of Disease Control’s recommendations, and start to clean up the mess. I recommend that you open the windows and wear a mask during the procedure. Once you are done, exit the room and wait for fresh air to come in. Along with protective masks, you should also make use of gloves. Sanitizing spray and cream is a must, and toxic substances that kill the critters are also to be considered.

3.      Rats and Mice and Everything not so Nice

Mice can become especially problematic as they reproduce with lightning speed. If only two manage to get in, you might be faced with a serious problem in the near future. They follow electrical wires and walls which they usually destroy. And usually when mice find a nice home, they bring the entire colony.  During the winter months, mice appreciate being inside where it’s warmer.  Rats on the other hand, are not curious by nature, and they shy away from unknown environments. They can however take off traps, so make sure to screw them on the floors. Never, and I mean NEVER, attempt to get rid of raccoons or bats on your own. They are extremely aggressive and carry many diseases. In such cases you should definitely call an exterminator.

4.      Wrapping Up

Someone once said that the best way to make sure that pests do not enter your house, is by not letting them in in the first place. Make sure that your house is very well insulated and sealed. Repair wholes, secure pipes and frequently check the roof for rotting fascia or foundation cracks. Once the pests have invaded your attic you have to take appropriate steps to deal with the situation.