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Hot Chocolate Friends

I have several really great women friends.  And, as women, we know that if we have a close female friend, they are a true friend – someone who is tried and true.  We need that support;  we need that love; we need that friendship.  I have a friend in London that I correspond with.  We talk back and forth, spending our time telling of our woes, our happiness, our goals and pursuits, our children and husbands.

My London friend is a little older than me and our cultures are very different, our skin color is different, but a lot of our issues are the same:  we are both artists, though she paints and I sing, we both have hot flashes, we both have kids, we are both facing wrinkles in the mirror, we both have lower back problems, neither of us are rich —- and on and on.  It’s a little funny, but it’s great at the same time.

She’s my “hot chocolate sister.”  When I see that I’ve got an email from her, I really want to get a cup of hot chocolate and sit back and take my time to read what she’s got to say.  Her correspondence is engaging and I hope that my responses are equally so.

So, ladies, I hope that you’ve got a lot of “hot chocolate” friends and sisters out there who embrace you from close and afar.  It’s a women’s world and we’re all in this thing together.

– Tomaca