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Home Cleaning Tips

Submitted by Grace Bailey from the UK


Cleaning the home is a hard and can be an expensive task. You should not only spend some time on doing it but also should invest a small amount of your budget into buying abstergents for all rooms in your house or apartment. But the simple truth is good cleaning does not necessarily mean expensive abstergents. As a matter of fact, you can clean your place without spending too much money on the task. Just keep in mind the following useful tips.


The bathroom is one of the most problematic rooms in your home. Hard water usually causes stains on the tiles and on the shower handset. These stains can be easily removed with the help of some lemonvinegar. This is easy and cost effective. If the stains are very persistent, leave the vinegar over them for a couple of minutes and then wash it out. In order to refresh the air in the bathroom there is no need to buy expensive air fresheners. Probably you have noticed that most fresheners have a lemon scent. You can use the very same idea without spending a lot of money from your budget. Just slice a lemon and use it to clean the sink channel. Put the lemon slices inside and leave them for about a minute, then wash away. You can use the very same trick for your kitchen sink also. This simple lemon trick will guarantee you fresh and nice scent in the air in your bath and kitchen. Lemon will also help you clean your microwave. Squeeze one lemon, pour the juice into a glass and place it into the microwave. Then heat it up until it boils out. The microwave walls will be covered with the juice and you will easily remove it along with all of the dirt by cleaning it with a cloth. If necessary, use saleratus to help you remove the persistent dirt.


Mold is another very unpleasant part when it comes to cleaning. It is something that is hard to avoid, especially when there is a wet area such as the bath tub and sink. Instead of investing your budget into expensive abstergents that are based on chemicals and are very harmful to you and your family, you can simply use bleach. Just pour some bleach over the area with mold and leave it for a while before washing it. Do not forget to keep the window or the door open during the whole procedure.


Also, avoid using too thick carpets and rugs as they keep very high amounts of dust in them. And if you are a fan of these types of flooring, make sure to regularly clean them (at least once in every two weeks.


For cleaning your glasses, vases, pitchers that are made of glass you can use toothpaste. It will make them shine like crystal.  Take your time and make it work for you. Soak kitchen utensils that are too dirty before washing them, and moisten surfaces with stains before cleaning them. This will save you time, efforts and money.


Following these simple tips will guarantee you a clean home and hence a healthy way of living for you and your family. And healthy place brings health to you.



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