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Happy Anniversary To Us!!!

October 13, 2012.  Here we are celebrating an official year.  Though WMTS was put up in 2006, we didn’t really start packing a punch until two years ago.  Thus, we are making this our official two year anniversary.


We have posted a myriad of stories and interviews on so many different topics over the years.  We’ve spoken to and shared stories about women across the world.  Going forward, we are determined to keep the inspiration happening and to keep presenting our sisters and ourselves on a global scale.


Do you have your WMTS shirt?  Visit our gear page and get yours.  Send us your picture with your Women Move the Soul shirt.  We are an international movement of female inspiration.


The woman’s role in the family and in society is essential.  We are the spirit that moves, directs, guides, nurtures and gives so much love to our families, friends and people in general.  We are giving, loving, consistent, strong and full of the solid “rockness” that the world needs to turn itself around to love.


We thank you ever so much for reading our pages, sharing our stories and for being inspired and inspiring!  To those wonderful souls who have shared their stories, we thank you for being a light to those of us who are seeking ourselves.  We venture forward and continue on into our own greatness as powerful women who rock this world!!