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Giving A Room A New Look



Sometimes we get tired of how a room looks, but our budget doesn’t allow us to go out and buy new furniture.  What are some of the choices?


It is said that rearranging your furniture breaks up and changes the energy in the room and in the house in a positive way.  So move it around and change your energy!


As you can take the time to redefine things in your house, you are also reviving you because the outside reflects the inside.   Everything has energy and when you walk into a room, you bring your energy into what is already there.   So create a room that you love to walk into and enjoy the vibration!


Some people are fans of grabbing things off the street (there are some really nice pieces out there!) and bringing them home.  A clean up, painting or stripping and staining can do amazing things to old pieces of furniture.   If you seek a new look, you can take the time to make one.


Give your room life!  Plants can revive a room, give it a new look and literally give it life.  They can be small, medium sized or large.  But, tastefully placed plants add vibrancy and natural coloring.  Look into “living walls,” which are plants set up in containers that are designed to hang on the wall.


coachOkay, so you’ve moved your furniture around, perhaps you added a few pieces that you found.  Plants gave new life also.   How about reupholstering your furniture?  If you can afford it, you can really get that new look that you’ve wanted.  But, if you can’t afford to have it done and are not a person who sews, the alternative is to invest in nice Slipcover Furniture custom made by ClubFurniture.

Don’t forget a new coat of paint in a nice color can really pull everything together.