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Getting Pretty During BBQ Season

Let’s run through the grill checklist:


Make sure your grill is clean and working at its peak.

Look it over thoroughly for any signs of insects under the knobs, in the grill itself.  Nature has a way of making everything outside it’s own.

Make sure none of the hoses have cracks in them or leaks.  Repair and replace as necessary.

Make sure all of the knobs turn easily.  If not, spray with WD-40 or another silicone spray.

Make sure all the vents open and close easily.

Click the igniter and make sure you get a spark.

If you were smart, you cleaned everything at the end of the last grilling season.  If not, now’s the time to do it.

If you are using propane, check your tank.  Make sure there is no rust.   If it looks suspicious, then it’s time to do a trade in.  Please let the store know if you think the tank may have a problem.

Fire that baby up and let it burn to help clean anything that you may have missed.


Now, ladies, the important part:

You need your table ware/dinner ware, glasses, cups, plates, napkins, table cloths, serving dishes and — mosquito repellants.

You want everyone to be comfortable and you want everything to look pretty.  Table cloths really do the trick to make an attractive dinner or eating areas.  You can buy crinkle taffeta table linens here.  You can buy reusable, inexpensive tablecloth clamps to keep the covering in place.   bbq-clamps

You want things that are washable.  Please try to stay away from disposable plastic ware and plates.  It’s such a waste for the environment.


Always let kids help set things up.  Not only do they learn how to do it, but it gives them an opportunity to contribute to the fun event.

Create a beautiful center piece for your table and voila! the BBQ is official!


Please share your photos of your fantastic beautiful BBQ table settings.