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Get Walking Ladies!

Indigenous people are so much healthier physically than americans and europeans.  Look at the magnificent posture of these women and consider their physical strength and balance.  They are carrying loads on their heads and children — and probably are walking for great distances on a daily basis.


If you are not working out regularly or walking on a consistent basis, you need to be.  If you work a desk job and sit all day, then go home and sit all night until you go to bed, that’s not good.


For those of us who are physically able, walking is easy and it’s natural for our bodies.   We must consider mobility more than a means to be able to function and move around; it is a gift.  We must cherish and respect this gift and use it often.


Being physically healthy is important.   Walking is easy and it can be fun if you allow it to be.  Don some headphones or earbuds and walk or dance to your favorite music.  You will lose weight, firm up, improve your cardiovascular system, your lungs, your muscles, your confidence, your smile…. your everything!


You can walk with a friend or friends; walk alone, or even start up a girl’s walking group.  Local high schools have tracks that are usually open to the public, or go to your favorite park, choose a city street.  There are church walking groups, job walking groups, school walking groups and friends who walk together.

If you have a dog, running and moving about is one of their favorite things (next to eating).  Take the dog out for a little walk or trot.  They will keep pace with you.  They’re good like that!


Just remember to be safe!  Walk facing the traffic.  Wear bright colored clothing and very importantly, if you are walking in rural areas or areas where there are not a lot of people, please take precautions to be safe.  We hate to mention predators, but they are real.  So, be careful with yourself. You can buy ankle weights, hand weights (or not) and get out there and get moving.  Just do it!


– Tomaca