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Get Rid of the Hateful Words!


from Tomaca Govan, Editor


There is constant chatter in our heads.  It’s constant.  Our minds are always talking whether we pay attention to it or not.  A lot of us are full of negativity when it comes to us and our bodies.  We are not quite satisfied with how we may look, talk, think or even act.  Recognition is the greatest motivator.  Pay attention to what you are saying about you.  Your body is the result of the collection of thoughts that you think about you.  So, if you tell yourself that I am ugly, or I am fat, then that is what you will be.

iloveme3Tell yourself today that there will be no more hateful words thought or spoken by yourself about yourself.   Turn the phrase “I am fat” into “I am beautiful.”  Turn “I hate my nose” into “I’ve got a great nose.  It functions perfectly and serves me well.”  If there is negative talk in your head, turn it around!


To help get rid of the negative chatter, establish this little practice daily:

Stand naked in front of the mirror.

Touch your face, tell your face it is beautiful and you love it.

Touch your shoulders and say thank you for being so strong, I love you.

Turn around and take a look at your back and say – you are so strong – I love you.

Turn back around touch your stomach, tell it is perfect and you love it.

Touch your breasts and tell them they are beautiful and you love them.

Touch your hair or your head and say you are phenomenal and gorgeous.

Do this for each part of you.  Acknowledge everything your body does and praise it, praise its functioning.  Then I-love-me2hug yourself, hold yourself.  Smile and tell you that you love you.  Tell you that you are an amazing human being and your body is an incredible, miraculous machine and you are so grateful to it.  It is your temple, the place where you live and you could not have a better place.

Anytime you catch yourself thinking something negative about you or a part of your body – catch yourself and turn it around.

For instance, say you make a mistake.  You may be inclined to tell yourself “I am so stupid!  How could I do that!”  Grab that and say instead “I made a mistake, but look at what I learned.  Now I know better for the next time.  I am grateful for the lesson.”  See how different that sounds?  That’s what you should practice to the point where positive responses are automatic.

It’s about gratitude and appreciation for who you are, what you have and the fact that you are alive.  Gratitude is everything.  A positive mindset can see the light in any dark situation, grab on to it and turn that situation completely around.

You are not “too fat.”  You are “beautiful.”

Your body will respond to the positive thoughts and act/develop accordingly.  Your confidence will increase and loveme4you will develop an inner glow and peace about yourself once you stop putting you down.  There’s enough of that outside of us always trying to get it.  But, if we get rid of our own hateful words, then we will find less of that coming from the outside.  Replace negative words with words of with love and encouragement.  Treat yourself the same way that you would treat your frustrated child or your girlfriend who is down.   Be happy about you.  Love you.  Be proud of you.  Be grateful for life and the opportunity to change and to grow.  Be grateful for the love that you have within yourself and for the love that is outside of you.

I have to add that I am not perfect, not by a long shot.  I have my issues and my own personal challenges.  But, this is something that I do and it has helped me greatly to be more positive, confident and loving to myself.  I love me!  There was a time that I could not say that.  And, I am motivated to create a better me and to enjoy life more and more.

So, you can do this.  This is something that you can do for you and as a result everyone around you will benefit.  Shine little star shine!