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Get Empowered by Spring Cleaning



Submitted by Nicole Sanders, Atlanta, USA


With the coming of warmer weather, most of us like to throw open our windows and let the fresh air blow through the house, taking away the stale air that has been trapped in our homes all winter long.  It is time to think about spring cleaning as well, a task some people find to be a burden, while others embrace it as an almost meditative act.


Spring cleaning can be empowering as we clear out the clutter in our homes, rediscover items that have been packed away or shoved in a closest for a long time and brighten our rooms with the scent and look of fresh plants and flowers.  Opening up the blinds and curtains to let the sunshine power into the house can help us with our moods, especially after a cloudy, cold winter spent indoors.


People with depression can benefit and feel better just by cleaning out their rooms or their homes since they have to change their posture in order to clean their surroundings properly. Depressed people usually maintain the same posture with their head hung down over their shoulders slightly, their feet plodding along and their eyes downcast.  Cleaning requires them to look up, lift their head and look around them, which can help lift their depression. Having a sparkling clean, fresh room makes them feel better as well..


You can also give yourself a boost mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally by using non-toxic cleaning agents in your home.  Many people suffer from sensitivities to chemicals like ammonia and bleach.  Chlorine, which is the key component in the main ingredient in bleach, is not good for the body.


When chlorine gets into the body through breathing it in, skin contact, or by ingestion, it reacts with the water in our bodies to produce corrosive acids that can harm our cells. It can cause trouble with breathing, eye and skin irritations, even chest tightness. The less chlorine we use, the better.


Baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice are some safe, non-toxic substances you can use to clean the kitchen, your bathroom, scour your pots and pans, clean or polish metals, and even for glass cleaning. Not only are they safe, they are much less expensive than chemical commercial products created for cleaning.  Search online for ways to use them to clean your home.plant


You can also add plants to your home as well to help create more oxygen and introduce a natural living element to your home’s decor.


Ultimately, the goal is to have a clean living space, as cleanliness is linked to lower stress levels and more efficiency around the home. Sometimes we don’t have enough time to clean or might be away from the house for a few days. In that case, a maid cleaning service might be helpful in alleviating any mess or help out with spring cleaning if you don’t have the time to complete a total clean-up of the house or apartment.



Nicole Sanders is a proud mother of two boys who graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Communications.  She currently lives with her husband and boys in the metro Atlanta area.