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Five Tips To Plan Your Dream Wedding Without Breaking The Bank


5 Tips To Plan Your Dream Wedding Without Breaking The BankEveryone wants to have the wedding of their dreams, but a storybook union can cost tens of thousands of dollars with the price of decorations, wedding attire, and a professional photographer included. There are some key things that any couple can do to minimize the cost of the wedding without sacrificing the experience. A little creative vision and hard work are all it takes.

Planning the venue

The first thing to do when planning an inexpensive wedding is to find a location that has as many services and perks included in the price. Places like Noah’s Event Venues provide a space with decorations, tables, lighting, food preparation area, a stage, and set up and take down service at no additional charge. These types of event destinations usually have beautiful views too.

Plan your own wedding

While a wedding planner may help get things moving along more smoothly, it is not always necessary. Many venues provide the extras you need, like mentioned above, which is what a wedding planning would do. Working with the professionals you already have, like photographer, venue professionals and more, you can put together a lovely wedding and schedule without the need for a wedding planner.

Make your own centerpieces

While you have to be careful with DIY projects for wedding, DIY centerpieces are actually quite simple and can look great at any wedding. First, choose a couple base neutral colors, and incorporate a few other colors in the same color palette. Choosing a flower arrangement can look great and be the attention, while other smaller pieces can bring it all together. Things like lanterns, burlap table runners and more are popular options.

Purchase used clothing or rent a gown

There is never a need to buy a new dress if you don’t have the budget for it. In fact, many brides end up selling their dresses since they have no need for them and it takes up space. A used dress can be tailored to fit any bride by adding fabric or taking in the seams. Shopping online is one way to find a good deal. Often, people can find a recently married couple who is selling their wedding clothes.

Have family or a friend make the cake

Anyone who knows how to make a cake and decorate it is a candidate for making a wedding cake. The price for the tiers and the larger cake pans is cheap compared to the cost of buying a professionally decorated cake. It is easier to customize a cake made by a friend too.


Creating an inexpensive wedding does not mean the day is not memorable. Couples can save thousands of dollars by getting friends and family to help in areas where they have experience. The savings can be used for a special honeymoon destination or to put a down payment on a house.