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Finding Ways To Create Additional Revenue

In these tight financial times, women are being creative and finding additional ways to make money to help support themselves and their families.

Crafts for sale.  People make everything from from bags to jewelry – to pottery to paintings.  There are craft fairs galore during the beautiful summer months.  Perhaps you can tap into some of your unused talents and create something to sell.  Most craft fairs charge a fee for space.  Make sure that the pricing of your items balances out the fee.


Tag Sale.  Do you have things that you no longer need?  Tag sales are everywhere every weekend.  You could organize your own.  Just remember to check and see if your town requires a permit.  Choose the day, advertise on craigs list and other neighborhood newspapers.  Usually these ads are free or if there is a fee, it’s nominal.  Make sure you have enough tables to display your items.  You can even invite a few friends over to sell their wares and make it a very fun day.


Can you braid hair?  Braiding hair does not have any state licensing requirements.  If you are really good at braiding and want to spend a few hours in front of the tv braiding other women’s hair – go for it!


Computer Repair.  Do you have a knack for fixing computers?  If you do and are very confident about it, you can start off by helping your friends first and then branch out to help others.


Explain Cell Phone Gadgets.  It seems that the young instinctively have an understanding of how cell phone gadgets work. Perhaps you can offer to help people learn how to use their cell phones.


Buy and Sell Antiques.  Do you have knowledge of antiques and know what something is worth?  Be the early bird at tag sales and buy those kinds of items and resell them on ebay and auction houses, etc.


Make and Sell Beats.  This is very popular with young people.  If you can create beats on your keyboard or with your music software, there is a market for these products.



Based on your idea and what you want to do, maybe you need to invest in things like tubing cutters or craft supplies, maybe even a sewing machine.


Teach music, teach dance, teach art — English, Spanish, Arabic!  We all have gifts and talents.  Not everyone uses what they have.  Search yourself and find your hidden, untapped potential and bring it to the fore.


What other ideas can you think of?  Please share them with us here at!