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I’ve been running into women who have pianos at home, but don’t play them.  The reasons are varied, but in drumsessence it boils down to choosing not to make the time to play for whatever reason.  We all know that music soothes the soul.  Music is what we are as physical beings.  Our bodies create their own rhythmic sounds – our hearts beat, we breathe and there are even other sounds within us not often heard by the ear (without an instrument) such as the sounds of our bodies digesting food, and the blood rushing through our veins.  If you have the talent to play an instrument and have gotten away from it in recent years, go back to it.  If you’ve never learned to play music, then why not try an instrument  – any instrument?  Flute, drums, piano, bass, guitar, cello, clarinet …. string or wind?  Even wood blocks, cow bell, conga, African drums, ddrum drums at Guitar Center… Be creative and be exciting.


Some people may get a little worried about what their friends would say.


Just do you,

be you,

improve you,

love you.