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Essential Oil For Inner Peace



Essential oils are used for a balanced life for a very long time.  Its usage has several advantages which are inclined toward the betterment of the  human body.  The same things are applicable for yoga as well.  The good effects of yoga requires no introduction. It is being performed all over the world by millions of people to attain inner peace and for a better life.

Using essential oil with yoga produces very good effects on the body.  The pure form of essential oil has the ability to influence the body at the cellular level. The limbic system of the brain where  memories and emotions are stored and regulated is especially affected by essential oils.  When you smell essential oil, the tiny molecules travel  up to the nasal passage and mix with our blood stream thus improving our focus and mental clarity.

The combination of essential oil and yoga especially the rapeutic grade essential oils can get one an enhanced yoga experience . Yoga is all about about “asana,”  “dhyana” and “pranayama.” Usage of essential oils can amplify the experience of  these practices to a new level.



The practice of controlled breathing is known as Pranayam. It is actually a  Sanskrit word which means “extension of life form.”  Inhaling pure form of Peppermint essential oil or  Frankincense oil can help in enhancing the amount of oxygen in the brain.  It also helps in creating a more emotionally receptive state of mind by stimulating the pineal gland.  You can either apply the  oil either under the nostrils or rub it on your hands and cup your nose to inhale the essential oil and enhance the effects of your breath work.



Asanas or yoga postures  can be difficult to perform. You are required to have a focused mental state.  Essential oils like Peppermint or Rosemary are known to have the ability to increase the mental focus and clarity when inhaled directly and prevent your thoughts from wandering. Using these oils before doing asanas can produce good effects. Using Wintergreen essential oil on sore muscles and joints can prove quite helpful in reducing inflammation. The natural methyl salicilate in wintergreen oil produces effects similar to cortisone which helps in decreasing pain and improving emotions.



To practice dhyan you need to have a clear, focused and relaxed mind. Lavender or Frankincense oil produces wonderful effects like enhanced relaxation and deeper mediation  when inhaled directly.  Essential oils are the carrier of most coherent electromagnetic frequency  and has the ability to raise a low frequency or manage a healthy frequency. The electromagnetic frequency in Bergamot oil is at 52MHz where as in rose oil  the frequency ranges at 320 MHz. The electrically charged essential oils has the potential to improve the yoga and meditation practices by enhancing the body’s own frequency level.

Yoga is the best practice to achieve inner peace.  The meditation and exercise involved in Yoga have the ability to calm down the mind and help in achieving inner peace.


Author Bio:

Mellisa Steve is a Beauty and Health expert with around 30 years of experience. She is working with  She is  well known for her natural treatments. She also contributes a blog of her own. She is currently learning more about essential oils for skin, hair and health issues.