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Erin Pavlina – Tuning into Spirit Guides


Erin-Pavlina-Gray-BG-300x200We subscribe to Erin Pavlina’s posts via email.  Women Move the Soul has reposted some of her articles because they are uplifting, inspiring and insightful.  From time to time, it’s nice to check in with a psychic or a medium to help us to get a standing of where we are and where we’re headed in our lives.  For most of us, life is a mystery and sometimes you would like to know that you are on the right track or if and how you should alter things to make positive changes.  That’s what Erin does for people.



How did you first learn that you were intuitive or psychic?  How old were you, what happened and what validation did you receive?

When I was very young, around age 4, I started having dreams that were premonitions of future major events.  I would know someone had died before being told.  I could tell who was on the phone when it rang.

When I was around 10 years old I was driving with my mother and told her we had to stop and get flashlights immediately.  She was perplexed at my urgency but she stopped and got 3 flashlights.  That night my parents went out to dinner, leaving us home alone with our older brother.  A thunderstorm knocked out our lights and we huddled under the covers with our new flashlights until our parents got home.

Over the years, I started having communication with deceased loved ones.  And from there I embraced my intuitive abilities and started developing them consciously, to the point I’m at today of being a professional intuitive, using my skills and abilities to help others.

Was there a “teacher” or “teachers” – someone who helped you to develop your gift as you grew older?  Were there things that you did to further develop your skills?

I read a lot of books when I was young, but nothing out there really described how to develop intuition.  When I was an adult, I had some spontaneous communications with other people’s deceased relatives and started to wonder if I was able to do that on command.  So I looked around for training but kept getting blocked.  Either the course was too expensive, too far away, already sold out, etc.  So finally my own spirit guides told me how to tune in to other people’s guides and deceased loved ones, and I learned quickly from them.

To develop my skills, I basically started giving messages to friends and family, and when that resonated with them, I asked them to bring me strangers to read for.  After I had read for about 120 strangers, I realized I had a reliable ability and started doing it professionally.

What are your specific strengths?  In terms of your psychic ability, are there things that you cannot help people with?  For instance, can you also communicate with living animals?

I’m mainly clairvoyant and clairaudient.  When I connect with spirit guides, they give me metaphorical images to explain what’s going on with my client’s life.  Or they will just speak to me in a way that I can hear them clearly without needing to interpret what they’re saying.  I can sometimes speak with deceased family members but not in every reading.  I’ve connected with deceased animals but not live ones.  My ability to connect with a person’s guides is very strong, and I use that connection to relay information that will help my client on their life path.  The advice given is usually extremely practical and useful.

Knowing that all human beings have the innate ability to be more knowing or intuitive, why do you think a lot of people do not endeavor to develop this skill?  Is it that they just don’t think it’s possible for them…are they afraid…just don’t think about it?  What’s your opinion?

Yes all of those reasons.  Many people think you have to be born with intuition, but that’s not true as we are all born with the innate ability.  Intuition is like a muscle.  You have to exercise it in order to use it effectively and with strength.  And yes, many people are afraid of what they might encounter on the other side.  And still others don’t believe intuition or talking to spirits is possible.

In your experience, what are people most afraid of in life in general and why should they not be afraid?

I’d say people get too caught up in fear.  They have forgotten that this is a playground where we get to explore, have fun, share, learn, and grow.  They forget they are a spiritual being having a human experience.  And they can’t remember who they really are and where they really come from.  I believe that when you remember that nothing here can truly harm you, it frees you up to enjoy the adventure a lot more.

Erin Pavlina

In your role as a professional psychic, what is the most often asked question of you?

There are two actually that come with the greatest frequency.  “When will I get married and/or find the right person for me?”  and “How can I transition into a career that will be more fulfilling?”  Dissatisfaction with career and relationship status are the two most common issues that cause people to seek me out.

Sometimes we may have a question and we think that we don’t get an answer because the answer we get is not what we were “consciously” looking for.  Were there questions that you answered for someone in this manner and they chose not to accept it because it wasn’t the answer they wanted?  And, were you able to get them to understand the message and leave satisfied?

For the most part, information relayed through the guides resonates with my clients.  Often what they are told is confirmation of what they were feeling or thinking, but hearing it from a complete stranger who doesn’t know them gives them that validity that their thoughts are not crazy.  I’ve had clients resist information their guides were giving them, and then later come back and tell me the guides were right.

It is said that God tests us or the Universe tests us to see how bad we may want something.  But, in reality, is it a “test,” or is that person subconsciously putting up their own obstacles out of fear or because they feel they don’t deserve something they desire?

Exactly, you can manifest just about any experience you want to have, but people send out a fear vibration which will block success from happening.  What you think about, you bring about.  So if you’re cruising the fear channel, you’ll get experiences aligned with your expectations.

Do you ever see big, major events that are catastrophic beforehand?

Not really.  That happened to me more when I was younger.  Nowadays though I can tune in to a tragedy and get information about what happened or what is happening.  I’ve used my abilities to help the police find missing or deceased people, which is very rewarding, but rarely do I get information about something that is going to happen because the future is not set in stone.  Until something actually happens there are infinite possibilities.

Knowing that everything happens for a reason, if you do see negative events either major or minor, can you prevent them or do you try?  And, would it be “spiritually” correct for you to do so?

If you get the information I think it’s spiritually okay to act on it.  If the guides and beings on the other side don’t want us to know something, they can block us from receiving it.  So I think if you get information, using it is fair game.

When I’m reading for a client, I can see how certain decisions will turn out.  My job as an intuitive is to give my client their options, informing them of what kind of experience they will have down each possible road.  Then it’s up to them to decide what road they want to travel, but at least they are armed with a map to help guide them and help them prevent pitfalls.  That’s why getting an intuitive reading is so powerful.  It can shave years off your learning curve, save you from making a costly mistake, and prevent you from being unhappy.

What do you want most out of your own life?

To be in a state of joy as often as possible.  To have a sense of peace and fulfillment.  And to laugh as much as I can.

If you live to be 90 or 100 and you are looking back at your life, what will you see – what will you have done?

I have often taken a mental snapshot of where I think I am.  I know I have sent ripples of positive energy through the world, and that makes me really happy.  The more people I can help to have happy and fulfilling lives the happier I get.  I also now train others to use their intuitive abilities professionally which makes me really happy because I know that after I am gone there will be a cadre of ethical, honest, accurate intuitives to carry on this work without me.

Women move the soul.  Women are key.  We are important.  We are mothers, nurturers, life givers, strength, emotion…. Tell us what your spiritual understanding is of the role of women not just in life, but for the planet.

I think women are more likely to be open to trusting their intuition, so I believe that women can be great guides for our world.  If they have the courage to act on their intuition, I believe the world would be a better place.

Erin Pavlina
Awaken.  Remember.  Love