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Embrace Your Sister

This is a letter written by a little sister to her big sister. The women live on different continents and are not related by blood, but by the spirit of oneness. As women, we must embrace each other to help each other to fill in the spaces that leave us wanting and not having and the questions that leave us wondering and not knowing. From there the circle continues as each one keeps the circle growing by reaching out to others to share the light, share love and to create wholeness.

Here is an introduction to Burghelea-Handaric Maria-Daniela, who will be a regular writer for Women Move the Soul.



…what can I say about me, I discovered myself in every day, so, I let the others to notice who I am in real life, if they can do that…

            I like to write. I never get that in serious, because here, where I leave, it is considered a waste of time. Simple, you can hear: “Hey, get a real job, let go the foolish, don’t play around.” And I did that. I have a real job: I am a lawyer. But writing it will be always in my soul a “serious job”.

            And you, “my big sister”, wake me up my soul. You let me to work with my soul, to write. I don’t know if I will be good in the eyes and minds of those who will read me. I say this because I was raised in a big, competitive and large family. Sometimes I was hurt by that, but in a good way. Helped me, wake me, make me to rise and go further. And look…I hope, from a bad thing that hurt me, to make a better thing for myself.

            Even from my primary school to the end of my studies, all the time I was in a constant competition with me and others. And, the only main problems that I have concerns about my self, it was not those related with my appearance, or the fact that I am someone daughter, it was about, what is in my mind, in what way I think, what kind of judgment  I have and to show that, I can think for myself.

            One of them and most constantly, was to be appreciated and see for who I am in the reality. Not to be misjudged by people I love and care, by those from my real family. And they never pay attention to that problem. But, I have probably and for sure, another better and great joy. Always, but always I was appreciated, loved by strangers, that somehow became my friends and my family, appreciated by those who barely know me, who pay attention with sincerely to who I am. With times, I understand and I go further. You can not have all in life and because of that I go with my head up, I get up, shake my clothes from dust and go further. But, my soul will always cherish for attention from my family where I was born, and I leave with hope, that in one day, they will see me, in the same way I deserved and in the same way that my strange family see and know me. That is my only problem.

I know my self very well, for sure. I know my limits. I am more then long legs, pretty face, soft skin and others thinks that reach attention men. I have a mind, I used for maximum capacity and I am able to think for my self. I learn from anyone, from every think, from good and bad, from my own mistakes and I believe this old word: “For those who don’t want to learn from their own history are condemned to repeat her.”  So, I don’t want to repeat my own mistakes. I learn form them, I accept them, because are parts to who I am and I go further with my learn lesson and with another read book.

I like human being. I am not a lonely person. Even in my childhood, when those from my competitive family, spent their time only in the rows of books, alone, I…only wish was to be surrounded by people, by children, to enjoy the smiles, the voices, the gladness and the magic of the games between children. I love to learn, I like knowledge, but when I done with learning life from books, I am out with people, learning another lesson. I don’t stay alone in the room, I just can not do. I want to enjoy everything that real life offer me, from all bad to learn about good. I want to believe, that I learn from amount of my books read, but also from the true book: “The life”. I look to my competitive family and sometimes I  have impression that they make mistakes in real life, not knowing enough about…the life book. Those books who they read don’t teach them the experience when you live among the people.

I like to communicate. And, in every relationship of any kind would be it, communication is the key.     

It is the key witch opens souls and it is the key which close sufferings. Never my real family not told me: “Yes, you can do!”. But GOD, my strange family and my husband, always told me: “ YES, YOU CAN MORE”. And, you know what? I really do, because I have the key.

            I am not a naïve person, but I see goodness in every human being, even in a convicted one in life or in the society. We have been created good, but life problems and our own weakness make us bad..

            I could not include here all I want to say about me, who I am or in what I believe, but you have a small glimpse from me. You have a promise from my self, that I will come back to you and to my strange family, to know me better for real.

            I love very much both of my families.

            For, my “ big sister” who want to listen me.