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Ella’s Dream to Ride the Train

by Tomaca Govan

There was a little girl named Ella. She grew up in a poverty stricken housing project in Hartford, CT. The area was destitute and void of activities for children. A lot of them went down to the train tracks to steal from the sitting freight cars, if they were open, because they could sell the items on the streets to make money.


Ella would go down to the train tracks also. But her goal there was different from a lot of the other children. Ella went to the train tracks to dream. She dreamed of taking a train ride to New York City where she would have a big, fancy office like Walter Cronkite’s. She would go the train tracks
near her home and imagine taking that ride all the time.


While other kids were running around creating meaningless mischief, Ella was at her safe haven – her grandmother’s house – reading, studying and learning.  It was her grandmother who told her she could do anything she wanted to do and to believe in herself and her dream. Fortunately for the women who’s lives Ella has touched, she believed her grandmother.



Ms. Ella and her sister China