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Education is Key

I am “uneducated” in that I did not go to college and obtain a degree.  I never thought this was a big deal when I was younger.  I was busy working, providing for and taking care of my family.  As I got older and my children started leaving to live their own lives, I looked back and thought about all of the things that I did and how I could have done things better.   Not that I can change the past, but I can make things different going forward.

When I graduated high school, I was accepted into seven colleges and all the letters came with the same message.  Send us X thousands of dollars and you can come here.  Of course my parents didn’t have that kind of money and I didn’t know how to ask anyone for help.  How do I do this?  How can I make this happen?  How can I get into this college?  I ended up not going to college.  I soon was married and starting a family.

As I meet more women and learn about their backgrounds, I am so delighted to find out many have an education.  They are learned women, thus they are empowered with knowledge. This is something no one can ever take from you.  You can live your life with more consistency, awareness and a higher earning power.

So, to all of my women, my sisters – embrace those that follow you.  Connect with them beyond a superficial level.  Open your heart so you can open their minds and follow through.  Establish a bond of love and trust.  Do unto them what you would have done unto you.  Embrace them and get them to educate themselves.  Use time to your advantage.  Education is key.