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E. Diann Cook – Always Make Sure God’s Beauty is Showing

Since you are a college professor, tell us what the trends are like.  Do you see an increase or a decrease in the interest for art and are the students that come to you well prepared for college?  What can society, communities and people do to improve these trends?

Overall, college students have not changed much since I was a student. There are those who come to learn and those who come to party.  I am pleased to say that most of my students excel in my classes. Many of them have had no extensive training in art, but finish the semester with a better understanding and appreciation for the ways that art contributes to our lives. One thing I find important is to raise the bar in expectations of my students’ progress. If you expect more from someone and encourage them, they will rise to the occasion.



You have been commissioned to create artwork for various people and places all over the state of Connecticut, including the children’s hospital and government buildings.  How did that happen?


You have to stay connected and keep your eyes and ears open. You also need to be receptive to giving back. Much of my work was purchased by organizations and people I met in other settings where a conversation took place. The ABC’s for any entrepreneur… Always Be Connecting! I made that up, just now.  lol



What inspired you to write children’s books?

The man in my life always admired what I do and he suggested that I take things to the next level. After some thought and discussion, I chose to combine my love of visual art, music, and children, and it materialized into a book.


What are your goals as an artist?  And what more do you want to do in life?

My goal as an artist is the same as one of my life goals. I want to make sure that God’s beauty always shows and that it will help us to see that we are apart of the beauty. I’m also working on ways to redesign my vocal and musical gifts. “Music is a part of my HeART”.



What is your advice for anyone who would like to follow in your footsteps?

Not much for the idea of following someone’s footsteps. I have always tried to find my own path…the path God chose for me. I do believe that we all learn from each other, so I will say it’s helpful to know what motivated someone else and if it can be a step in your own journey. Because it really is about the journey. My journey continues.


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