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Queen Afi’s Battle – Domestic Violence Wears Many Tags

Here is another organization to help stop and prevent domestic violence.  We are sharing the work and the life passion of Queen Afi Gaston.  We seek a time when there is no need for such organizations in our world and we thank those who work tirelessly to make that happen.


Photo from DMWMT
Photo from DMWMT


Domestic Violence Wears Many Tags (DVWMT) is an anti-domestic violence, advocacy and educational non profit organization based in Washington D.C.  DVWMT is “Pro-Active” for reaching out to the nation to educate and encourage those who are living and have lived with domestic violence. The organization works with children, teen, men and women and willing to lend a helping hand to all those in need.  Utilizing small groups, one on one session’s and offering a safe place to speak and share experiences, DVWMT is able to reach victims and abusers with the approach of being family and trusting in the process.

DVWMT has several innovative aspects that include:

A.  Inviting artists, performers, film makers, etc to share their work as it pertains to encouraging and informing victims of domestic violence. On behalf of Johnson Memorial Baptist Church we were able to bring to the community of Ward 7 the movie “Dear Daddy” A Documentary Produced by Janks Morton. This film premier brought out so many youth and young adults because it is what every young girl feels from having an absentee father.

B.  Introducing the topic of domestic violence and participating at other local and community events thereby supporting their endeavors and informing the public on domestic violence, self-abuse, and VERBAL ABUSE being the #1 Killer.

C.  DVWMT founder has a monthly radio show. The show gives DV advocates and experts an opportunity to appear as guest and give valuable information to wider audience and the opportunity for victims and abusers to call in with questions or for resources. Our talk-show is “Domestic Violence Let’s Talk About It” is reaching so many around the world, and can be found

D. DVWMT also brings in speakers, professionals and experts whose knowledge may not necessarily be that of domestic violence but one that has a significant role in the victims and or abusers life such as, drug treatment professionals, juvenile justice, at risk youth advocates, teen pregnancy, homelessness, etc.

Here is an interview that was posted with Queen Afi:


For more information about DVWMT, contact:

Queen Afi, Founder
Domestic Violence Wears Many Tags
(202) 821-8933
“Women, Men, and Teens are Victims & Women, Men, and Teens are Abusers
DVWMT Singles Out No One From Change”

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