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Do You Still Dream?

I do, and I actively pursue them.  I don’t let my age become a factor.  I’m one of those women who put her career as a singer on hold for decades so her children could come of age.

 As a singer, I know that the major record labels are not interested in old female singers, especially African American ones.  And, yes, before you protest and say that race isn’t a factor, let me tell you from personal experience that it is.  But, the main thing they want in that industry – in the majors – is youth.  Talent is no longer a requirement. 

I watched the talent level begin to slip in the 80’s.  Young pretty women who couldn’t sing started appearing all over the place.  Then slowly instruments began to disappear and people started performing to looped beats.  It was very sad to see. 

So for your dreams  —

Will you leave things undone?  Dreams untouched? Unrealized? Your soul unfulfilled?  I’m not and I hope that you aren’t either.  Or, maybe you’re one of the lucky/smart ones and you’re living your dream!