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Do You Dress Up Your Man?

We’d like to take a poll.  How many women out there dress their men?


Women are the shoppers in the household, generally speaking.  How many of you buy your husband’s clothes?mandressing

Do you go with him to the store and pick out suits for him to try on or does he do it himself?

Who picks out the ties?

Who matches the shirts with the ties?

Does he buy his own jeans?

Usually men buy their own shoes – or so we believe.  Are we wrong?

Does he actually go shopping for himself, or it is all you lady?mandressing2

If he comes home with the wrong stuff, do you send him back to the store by himself or do you go with him or do you leave him be?

How do you like to see him dressed?  Do you like the tuxedo vest and tie look? Or are you a “I like a man in tight jeans lady?



Let us know your thoughts!