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DJ Tatiana

DJ Tatiana (Tatiana Alvarez) has an international following having played the most famous venues in the world.  She is a regular at the 3 largest U.S. Events: Coachella, Electronic Daisy Carnival and Burning Man.  Music has always been the fuel, emotion and motivation in DJ Tatiana’s life. Everyone around her recognized this. Tatiana Alvarez began her love of music in elementary school, she made individual mix tapes for her friends for birthdays and special occasions. By the time she was in high school she was introducing her peers to the electronic giants like New Order and Depeche Mode, trying to open up ears that were loyal to the heavy metal scene. The fervor spread amongst her small town and inspired an openness to new sound. She was also into the Ska scene, collecting vinyl from The Jam, Selektor, The Specials, The Skatalites and The English Beat. She became known and trusted to introduce new styles and educate on the best of the past.

Her obsession with music led her to the underground rave scene and the massive rave scene. The energy of all the people who lived the music and felt it made her realize she had found her home. She soon realized that she could infuse her own passion into the music and deliver emotional experiences to crowds. DJ Tatiana emerged. In 2001 she became a resident DJ for Feelgood Entertainment in Oakland and the monthly legendary parties at Hotel Ibiza. Sharing the main stage with superstar DJ’s right from the start. Two months later she was given residency at The House of Blues Foundation Room in Las Vegas. She was gaining momentum playing at venues throughout America. Within a two-year time span she released four mix CD’s. One of the CD’s was released on the Moonshine label, Kinkysweet. She toured with Hot Import Nights as an official DJ throughout America. At the same time she was chosen to be the official DJ for the Spike Television network show called ‘Do It’. She also appeared on the Spike Television show called ‘The Club’ hosted by Paul Oakenfold, where she was a finalist in the DJ competition. She has rocked crowds throughout America, Mexico, Canada, China, Indonesia, India and New Zealand.

She has appeared in numerous publications as a DJ as well as a model. She began a career in the high fashion industry at 16 traveling the world from Japan to Egypt, Cuba to Africa and living in London. Her travels exposed her to world music and sounds which she incorporates into her music bringing sensual, exotic and hypnotic beats to her crowds. She has done many live radio mix shows, including the well-known Powertools radio show in Los Angeles. Within the past year she opened her own label, Jook Music, and has produced original tracks and remixes. Her current projects include the hugely popular Killerkat.  She likes to use Vestax turntables.

This Cuban blooded girl is on fire. One of the most humble artists out there, she is inspirational in her approach to deliver unforgettable dance experiences where all are touched and moved to feel the music.


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