Denise – Unstoppable

Is all well with her now?

She still holds that shoulder and that arm a little funny, or a little awkwardly, but for the most part it turned out okay.  I wasn’t going to stop until I got a remedy for her though.


You’ve had some medical situations with your sons also.

Yeah, my youngest with his asthma.  He’s had a couple of really close calls.  Ambulances and hospitals, but things seemed to have evened out with him.  My older son, not so much.  He’s a father now and has two children of his own.


You’re a single mom, you work part-time and you own your own house.  You manage to feed and clothe all of  your children.  You always manage to make ends meet.  Do you have any advice for others who are having a tough time financially?

I don’t make ends meet!  I have always had a tough time – always!  But I am smart with my money.  I deal with necessities first, home/shelter, transportation, food and then deal with the rest afterward.  I hate having to always budget down to the penny.  My kids understand that I do the best that  I can and that I want the world for them.

Just before school starts, I take advantage of layaway plans that the stores have.  I layaway their school clothes, I will layaway whatever gifts they will get for Christmas.  I also do well at tag sales with finding great bargains.
There are times that I will work additional hours to make extra money and I make that money last.  I make it work.  Buy stuff at the grocery store on sale.   Somehow, thank God I make it all work.

Occasionally I will get some assistance from their father, but not often.   And he stays under the radar and doesn’t work  a traditional job, so we can’t get money from the child support agency.  But, it’s his loss.  He’s got beautiful children that he is choosing not to have a relationship with.  As long as I am breathing, I will make sure they have what they need.


You’re very well known in your children’s school district, aren’t you?

Yes.  Every one in all the schools here, at the board of education and in official positions with the town know who I am.   They all know who I am because I am not accepting any ignorance or nonsense from anybody.    When they see me coming, they know that there is a legitimate grievance or concern that has to be corrected.  I don’t put up with B.S. from anyone.


How do you deal with all that you have to deal with – the financial woes, the medical woes on behalf of your children?

What choice do I have?  This is what life gave me.  I have to deal with it.  I have to be unstoppable – period.  Nothing stops me from finding out answers and getting solutions.  Like I said, people see me coming and they already know!


In addition to staying on top of your kid’s medical situations, their education, their

Denise and her Mom.

homework, working part-time, cooking, cleaning, etc., you also take care of your mom.  How do you work her into your schedule?

Well, I don’t do as much for her as I used to be able to.  I definitely take her grocery shopping once a week and we go out to lunch from time to time on other days.  The good thing is that my older brother lives with her now so he takes on more of a role for taking care of any daily needs she might have.  For the most part she is independent and still functioning, just not as quickly and as strongly as she used to.  She’s 89 and she has arthritis in her hands, knees and other joints so she can’t do as much as she used to be able to do.  She still cooks a little and does some cleaning for herself though.  It’s the things beyond that she needs to have done.  Thorough cleaning, etc.

She has a little dog and two cats. They’re low maintenance.  Before that she had larger dogs and needed a lot of help with them.

So it is what it is and I do whatever I can whenever I can.  The good thing is that I live fairly close so if there’s an emergency, I can be there in a flash.


When your children are grown and gone and you have time for yourself, what kinds of things will you do?

I don’t really know for sure yet.  I do like what I do.  I like helping people.  My mother was a nurse so maybe I get that from her!


But, maybe go back to school to get a degree, maybe politics  – because I don’t want other parents to have to go what I went through with the school system here.  I don’t know yet.  But, at this point – right here – right now –  I would love to go on a whale watch.  I’ve never done that and would like to.




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