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Deborah Cantor – Motorcycle Mechanic

Who says a woman can’t fix cars n stuff?  Ha!

Deborah Cantor has been a motorcycle mechanic for seven years now.  She says her father taught her from the time she could sit on the bike and ride with him.


“He was always outside tinkering with his bike.  He had an old Harley.”

She said that she wandered outside one day and started watching.  Then she braced herself to start handing him the tools he needed.  She quickly learned the difference between all of the different tools and their names.  She said it was like when you’re at the dentist or with a doctor in surgery and they’re asking for various tools and the assistant passes them on.  From there she learned about tweaking different parts, tightening this, loosening that.  Then there’s the tell all of everything and that’s the sound of the engine.   Is it running too hard, too high, too low, too rough?  It’s like the heartbeat of the motorcycle and you can learn how to diagnose or at least know what parts to take a look at by the sound of the engine.


She has her own bike and has since she was 17.  Whenever her bike needs to be fixed, she’s excited that she is the one that can fix it.  There are a ton of  discount motorcycle parts that are easily found, she says.

She’s every bit of daddy’s little girl.    When asked how Mom felt about what she did, she says her mom was glad that dad got a bit of the son he always wanted!

Venture to do whatever moves your soul ladies!