Debbie – the Motorcycle Riding Deacon

Safety is a big thing with you.  Talk about safety on the motorcycle.

Being a motorcycle driver means you need to be more attentive. A good knowledge of the rules of the road is beneficial. You need to watch out for more than you know.  Everyone is so distracted these days which makes it difficult. You need to anticipate moves of everyone else around you.


When taking the class, we were required to show up with a helmet, leather gloves, a long sleeve jacket or shirt, long pants and flat boots. Another woman in my class wore boots but they had a 2″ heel on them. She wound up dropping the bike because her heels were stuck straddling the foot peg. She flunked the class for dropping the bike.


Recently, I was involved in my own motorcycle accident. I was wearing all my protective gear along with a pair of padded goggles, with full thanks to my attire and God in heaven, I was able to walk away with minor injuries. I have seen riders wearing shorts, muscle shirts, sneakers or even flip flops driving down the road. On a very hot day, you may not want to wear that leather jacket but pants, boots, gloves, a helmet and sunscreen is always a necessity for serious riders.


And at this point you’re a grandmother.  How do your grandchildren feel about grandma riding a motorcycle?

They are excited about it.  They want rides on them but due to their age they are limited to helping gramma put the bike in the garage! They are allowed to sit on the bikes once they have cooled down. They can’t reach the handle bars form the seat position.  They like turning on all the lights, blinkers tooting the horn. They have respect of the bikes as to not play on them when we are not around. They are a bit intimidated about them and we want them stay that way.

Who else in your family rides?

I grew up riding with my brother. He doesn’t have a bike now but envision him getting one again in the near future, he won’t let his baby sister have one up on him!  He however has a big boat that he keeps in Point Judith, RI that I am totally envious of (my other love for water)!  We also grew up going out on our parents boat every summer. He spends most of his spare time at the marina and on Block Island on the weekends, so he needs a fun bike to save gas going back and forth to the marina in the summer!

My sister Joyce and her husband and son all have bikes as well. My sister and I tried to steal some times together to ride together! We would have done more if she didn’t live in RI and I in CT!
Although he doesn’t ride now, I expect my son to eventually get his license. He enjoys all sorts of recreational vehicles. He bought himself a 4 runner to fix up and run some trails with when he is not out mudding in his truck. He is currently transitioning from being in the Coast Guard to being a civilian, but, given the right amount of time, I expect we will be riding together.


There’s an understanding that at long as you breathe, you will be a deacon.  Do you think there will come a time when you give up riding motorcycles?

I will hold out until I am physically unable.  Maybe I will get one of those 3 wheelers then.  Who knows?  They look like fun and are far more easier to mount and dismount.  I watched one just today back up with “reverse.”   On a 2-wheeler, your legs are the reverse!  I don’t look forward to what may come in time, for now it is all about the ride!

Deborah lives in Connecticut with her husband and son.


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