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Darlene Theodore – The Influence of Patrick


If we listen, our children tell us things that we need to know and help us understand the things we should do.  They can awaken a duty within us to help not just them and ourselves, but others.  Darlene Theodore is the Director of Training and Development at Patrick’s Academy, Inc.  She is not only the director, but is also the owner.  She was inspired by her son.  We spoke to her briefly about her schools.


You own a school. It’s a brick and mortar school and an on-line institution. What made you decide to open up your own school?

Patrick’s Academy, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3). It is governed by a Board of Directors. There is no owner. I am the Founder of Patrick’s Academy, Inc. I have a gift for teaching people to become better skilled and more productive. We offer onsite and distance learning classes.

What is the focus of the training that you provide?darlene-theodore-patrick
For the children, our focus is supplementing their existing curricular.
For the adults, our focus is to get them certified in primarily IT occupations.

What do students gain from attending? — why would someone want to go to St. Patrick’s Academy?

Learners attend Patrick’s Academy, Inc. because they believe that we can help them. The parents of children with autism see progress in their children and gain an understanding of how best to support and help their child to develop socially, and mentally.

Adults attend Patrick’s Academy, Inc. because we have a success rate of 85% in helping people to get placed into full time employment. We are also successful in helping them to achieve certification.

The name – St. Patrick’s Academy – how did you derive the name? Does it have any special significance?
My youngest son’s name is Patrick.

Who do you serve? Are your students from just a few states or can your service anyone who is looking for certification?
Mostly locally within CT.

How did you establish your physical locations? Are you located inside of other schools?
We lease our locations.

Usually when someone creates a venue to benefit the autistic, it’s usually because someone close to them has autism. Is this why you established St. Patrick’s ?
Yes. My son Patrick was diagnosed with Autism at age 2.

How did you decide what kind of programs and training to provide for the students?
For the children, we collaborate with the public school system personnel and parents.
For the adults, our staff earned the certifications, and researched high demand occupations.

Is this training done exclusively on-line?

Do your students find value in what you offer?

If someone wants more information about either school, who should they contact?
They can call me directly at (860) 754-4263