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Clever Ways to Get Rid of the Dust in Your House

by Grace Bailey

Perhaps, you feel exhausted to wipe daily dust from the furniture, floors and accessories in your home, and then, just in a moment, dust accumulates again with the speed of light. To win this constant and unequal battle, you need a special strategy. Here are some ideas that will help you deal with dust and dirt for longer and will save you time and efforts.
The solution to most problems in everyday life is to attack their source. In this case, however, this is impossible because house dust accumulation is caused by various sources. According to a research, 90% of dust mites enter the house through people and through the tissues, and the lack of air flow leads to the accumulation of particles on the surfaces. On the other hand, in places where there is constant movement (such as the windows), dust particles circulate in the air; something that is even more harmful than its stratification on furniture. The basic cleaning strategy is to “capture” and destroy the dust instead of spreading it around the room.

Replace Your Linen Weekly
Your bed is a major source of dust as it collects multiple pieces of human skin and tissue fibers. To minimize the risk, replace bedding at least once a week and brush pillows and blankets regularly. However, when changing, fold used sheets carefully to minimize the spread of dust around.

Regular Carpets Brushing
In most homes, carpets are the largest reservoir of dust, especially the thick ones. It is certainly a better choice to avoid carpets and replace them with laminate flooring, linoleum or cork flooring because they are quite easy to maintain. If you do not want or cannot make this change, clean the carpets by vacuuming regularly. Whenever possible, brush them, but not at home, and wash them at least twice a year.

Wash the Curtains
Do not forget that you should wash them at least once in every three months. They collect a lot of dust and germs. Also, they absorb smoke and various unpleasant smells. In the summer, you can store heavy drapes and replace them with light ones. Proceed the same way with the covers and bedding.

Air the House Regularly
This way, you will clean the air in your home of germs and dust mites. To be effective, airing should be made daily for at least 15 minutes. The fresh air flow will not only purify the air but you as well.

While Cleaning the House, Take Care of the Air Purity as Well
Most vacuum cleaners just stir the dust while you are cleaning the room. Part of the dust returns to the already cleaned area. If you have a purifying filter system of the air conditioner, it could absorb some of the particles before they are accumulated somewhere. Another option is to open all the windows in the room and to ensure sufficient amount of fresh air that will take some of the dust away. Certainly, a better solution is to use a vacuum cleaner with a water filter or a steam cleaner; the water filter captures a significant part of the dust deposited on the carpets, curtains and furniture without spreading it around.

Grace Bailey is a desperate housewife , dreamer and  writer. She enjoys writing about Cleaning and Organizing home. You can visit her and read more tips and ideas at