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Classic or Cliché? How to Balance a Simple Decor Look

Classic or Cliche How to Balance a Simple Decor Look 3

There are a lot of good reasons to incorporate a minimalist or traditional look into your home decor. First, simplicity is timeless. If you invest in a few basic pieces, you won’t feel you have to redo your room in a few years because it has become dated. Second, basic furniture can be mixed in with just about anything which means if you get a new roommate, get married, or inherit some furniture pieces from a relative, your newClassic or Cliche How to Balance a Simple Decor Look 2 pieces can be easily merged with your existing sets. Finally, a simple decor can be much easier to clean (fewer knick-knacks to collect dust). That said, many worry that a basic or traditional look will leave their home lacking personality. Here are a few ideas to embrace the simple life without becoming boring, or feeling like you live in the showroom of a furniture store.

Incorporate Rich Colors
While you might want your main furniture pieces to be in neutral colors (beige, brown, gray, etc.), try to incorporate some color into your palette. This can be done through upholstery, such as a chair in a deep red, but there are also options that require less of a monetary commitment. Consider a small throw in a rich plum, for example. Even if the rest of your living room is white and gray, a jewel tone can really add some pop. Invest in a unique piece by scouring affordable furniture stores like The Dump where you can find a good deal on an individualized chair or cabinet.

Add Photography
Nothing adds a personal touch more than family photos. If you have a classic or old-school sense of style, consider some vintage family photos (think your grandparents’ wedding portrait). If your taste is more modern, hang some black and white photographs of places you have visited – or would like to. Choose a simple white matte and black frame to keep the look simple and streamlined, while still adding your own personality into the frame.

Give Life
What can liven up a room more than a living thing? Adding a plant not only helps purify the air in your space, it can also add some personality while still keeping the area tasteful. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can always pick up some fresh cut flowers from the flower beds outside and put them in vases. It will be an inexpensive way to add detail to your home with minimal commitment.

By adding a few well-chosen colors, photos, and plants, you can still keep your furniture traditional and your overall look chic. Your space will look polished, yet streamlined, and still reflect your personality. It’s the perfect way to keep a classic look that won’t be outdated in a few years time.