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Care Tips for Spring Flowers

Submitted by Grace Bailey

Spring flowers are attractive and cheerful flowers, signifying the approaching of the warmer months and the revival of nature. Who doesn’t love a hot orange tulips or a bright yellow daffodil? These flowers give comfort and hope, they signify motherly love, new beginnings and birth – with such positive symbolism no wonder why spring is one of the best months for flowers. A flower that has survived the long and cold winter cannot help but bring a positive feeling and exude happiness. Some of the most beloved spring flowers that can be found in just about any florist’s shop are the tulip, the hydrangea, the daffodil and the gerbera daisy. These pretty flowers are perfect for a variety of events. You can give them in a bouquet, as single cuts or use them in floral arrangements and all sorts of decorations. Caring for spring flowers is not very hard, but there are some things that you need to consider in order to maintain the cut flowers.

Care for Daffodils

You need to keep in mind that the stems of the daffodils excrete toxic juices after they’ve been cut, so make sure you cut off only about an inch of the bottom of the stems and then put them in a clear vase with fresh water. Don’t mix them with other flowers so their juices don’t harm them. Daffodils are beautiful placed on their own, but if you do want to mix them with other flowers in an arrangement, allow for some curing time before doing so.Care for flowers

Care for Tulips

Their droopy stems love re-hydration, so cut the stems underwater, then wrap the flowers in newspaper and put them in a bucket of water. Their stems will re-hydrate this way and will stand straight, which will prolong their vase life considerably. Tulips are pretty flowers, but they are quite sensitive to light, so place the vase in an area where there is no direct sunlight.

Care for Gerbera Daisies

Extremely cheerful and attractive flowers, in a variety of pretty and bright colours, the gerbera daisies are sensitive to ethylene gas, so keep them away from old blooms and fruit. Their water should be clean and fresh. You can use gerbera straws to keep the flowers straight in the vase.

Care for Hydrangeas

If you want to use hydrangeas as decoration for a wedding or another event, make sure they are well hydrated before that. Cut their stems diagonally, so they can absorb as much water as possible. If you have fresh cut flowers, place them in a bucket with fresh cold water so they can soak it in. You can use a floral preservative in the vase. The hydrangea doesn’t like direct sun exposure when in a vase, so keep it away from the window and away from sources of heat such as radiators, lamps and air-conditioner.

What is it that makes spring flowers so loved and sought? It is the promise of spring, warmth and new beginning that these flowers bring to our eyes. Spring weddings, proms, anniversaries, birthday parties, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day – there are many occasions that can be adorned with spring flowers. The good thing is that despite the weather conditions, we can get these flowers from a local florist or online at a reasonable price.

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