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Can the Firmness Come Back?

by Tomaca Govan

A 46-year-old woman just asked me if the firmness of the muscle can come back.  Absolutely yes!
One of our problems, especially in America, is our sedentary lifestyle.  We sit, sit, sit – at our desks at work and at home in front of the television.  Sure we may do some running around – grocery store, cleaning the house – but those things don’t really use the body in a way to keep it crisp and sharp.

There’s a blog called Mark’s Daily Apple, Primal Living in the Modern World, where he talks a lot about how mankind has shifted it’s living practices to those that are unnatural and unhealthy for the body.  He even suggests using a desk that allows you to stand as you work because sitting for long periods of time is unnatural and unhealthy.

In many places in China, there is no such thing as “exercising” because the people there ride their backs to get where they need to go; they are actively working in their gardens to grow their food.  In other words, they have a very healthy and natural lifestyle.  They live the way that we were intended to live – the way we were designed to live.

My daughter is a dancer, fitness expert and body expert.  She can look at the way that you stand, walk and move tell you what is off balance and what you need to do to correct it.  She’s given me target exercises and practices to firm up areas that bother me.   But, of course Ms. Know It All has also given me advice that I don’t want to hear, and, because I’m lucky to be her mother, I get all the nagging that goes along with it!

But yes, Jackie, to answer your question, yes you can regain the firmness that you had when you were younger.  It will take dedication to some work, but if you are willing to commit yourself to that, then you can rebuild muscle and get rid of flab.  So, if that’s your goal, go for it and don’t give up.  We are what we eat, we are what we do and mostly, we are the product of our own thoughts and emotions.  So, think well, move well, do well and become what you want at any age!